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I've pimped Calexico before, but a couple of days ago I heard a remix of one of their songs that I adored as much as the original, which is something that rarely ever happens. So another pimp, because this song and its remix are haunting and beautiful, and I've been listening to them on repeat all day.

The original song is off their cd A Feast of Wire. The remix was on the Alone Again Or cd single.

Woven Birds
Woven Birds (Stratus Remix)

with a hawk's trained eye
the trees grow silent fruit

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It seems as if my definition of a week has gotten flexible of late. *scratches head* Anyway. Calexico. Pretend you're alone driving a car somewhere in the west or the midwest, and there isn't much scenery, just the yellow fields or brown ground and the sky curving in front of you to reach it, miles and miles of this, stretching for hours on end, and the world seems so small and so vast, so comforting and so lonely. That's what their music feels like to me - that's what it reminds me of.

These are the first two songs off A Feast of Wire:

Sunken Waltz

He slept ‘neath the stars
Wrote down what he dreamt
And he built a machine
For no one to see
Then took flight, first light
Of new morning

Quattro (World Drifts In)

Love the run but not the race
All alone in a silent way
World drifts in and the world’s a stranger

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So I went to a Lhasa show the other day, and this band that I'd never heard of was the opening act. Was mildly interested, because the info booklet had compared them to Calexico, but wasn't expecting anything much.

And then they played, and I was completely blown away. Their sound was like nothing else I'd ever heard, a mixture of folk/indie rock and mariachi and eastern instrumentals, and it was amazing. As Mikel Jolet of Filter said, "DeVotchKa may be the best band in America you’ve never heard of."

The following two songs are from their album How It Ends.

You Already Know
Such A Lovely Thing

I really can't say enough good things about this band. The whole album's great, like a soundtrack to a dream of a terrible, fabulous, beautifully tragic love.

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Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor, in Azure Ray, make the most melancholy music, minimalist folk pop with soft, melodic vocals. Their songs are perfect for rainy days, for when you want music to gently sink into.

The following two songs are off their November EP.


And now my sorrow seems so far away
Until I'm taken by these bolts of pain
But I turn them off and tuck them away
till these rainy days that make them stay

for the sake of the song

Well, maybe she just has to sing, for the sake of the song
And who do I think that I am to decide that she's wrong.



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