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Main Apne Rab Ka Banda

From the movie Hello, lyrics penned by Jalees Sherwani, who I am fangirling like mad right now, sung by Sonu Nigam and others. One of the reviews I read called this song an item number, and I was like, whatever, you're an item number but considering that the average Bollywood lyrics are variations of you're my whole world, you're my entire life, I would like to stare at your eyes for all eternity because I am just that boring, I don't think it would be premature to call it one of the best songs of the year. I also thought the production worked overall, though it was a bit much at times; I would've scaled back, removed some flourishes. But it did have a good beat, and Sonu Nigam's voice is always nice, and I loved the chorus at 1:13, when they sung मैं अपने रब का बंदा हूँ बंदा अपने रब का बंदा हूँ, the way it was so low and resonant and almost menacing.

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Latika's Theme

From Slumdog Millionaire (Latika seems to get more of a voice in the soundtrack than she ever gets in the movie). Sung, or rather hummed, by Suzanne, produced by AR Rahman. Quite ethereal and lovely.



I was feeling nostalgic, so I put this song on my playlist. I could never get into the other songs by Stabbing Westward, but this one - it spoke to my teenage soul, and I drove my roommate crazy with how much I used to listen to it. XD And I still love it, how it starts off eerie and discordant and then the chords and the beat resolve themselves, how low and quiet Christopher Hall's voice is until it picks up power at I need someone/ to break the silence/ screaming in my head, and then everything turns and fades when he says in my soul. Just a great song - lyrics and production and everything.

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Ishmeet - Masha Allah (youtube vid, and after the song he starts crying over his pre-recorded piece on his mother and then his mother comes out and he smiles and says "that's the biggest surprise I can ever get" still crying and *heartbreaks*)
Ishmeet - Kal Ho Na Ho (youtube vid)
Ishmeet - Chal Pyar Karegi (youtube vid)
Ishmeet - Dithe Sabhe Thanv (mediafire mp3)

The singer, Ishmeet Singh, won one of the Indian versions of American Idol (though it really should be the other way around, because in India shows like that have been going on for a really long time), and released an album, and went to Maldives for a performance, where he was found drowned in his hotel pool. The police still don't know who killed him, though one of my friends is convinced that the mafia was behind it because evidently they control everything in the industry?

He was still a teenager, a boy with a beautiful voice, and he died alone and so far from home. The last song is a devotional song from Sat Sri Ankal, a movie about a religious figure, something like that, and was released a few months after he'd died, with him singing lines such as I've been to all the places/ and in none did I see you/ none were yours.

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I've been meaning to make a music post for some time, but somehow never seemed to get around to it. But I was at a party recently and loved some of the stuff that was playing, and I had to share a few of the tracks, because they're amazing.

Mika - Nach Le Soniye (Remix)
From a Sanjay Gupta movie. The production isn't terribly new, but effective nonetheless. Also, ahaha, it's one of those songs that makes me feel too cool to smile. :b

Rehka Bardwaj - Phoonk De (Club Mix)
I really like the production of this song, and the girl's voice is almost unbelievably perfect. There's this tense atmosphere, a layering of tracks that are raw & heavy on tracks that are ethereal. It's somewhat like a skittering on your nerves.

SEL - Move Your Body
The most danceable and unexpected of the three. It's so fun - I love it beyond words.

Also, songs that I've been meaning to pimp -

Tulsi Kumar - Akele Tanha
Laid back and mellow, with this almost teasing melody.

Shaan - Bheega Aasman
More dramatic than the previous track, though also a bit more derivative, but imo it still has enough variation in the production to keep it interesting. For some reason I really like this song, especially when Shaan sings "han mohobhaat main dil/ gane laaga...".

Karsh Kale - Saajana
I love how seamlessly this shifts from a traditional beat & production to a club/techno one, the synth-popish track that's added in the middle, and how the repetition of the lyrics and the singer's voice tie it all together. My favorite part is about two minutes in, when it starts shifting - no matter how much I listen to this song that part still makes me catch my breath.

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Lets see if I can get into the habit of updating this journal regularly again. First, another ambient band. According to Amazon, Balligomongo is the product of producer Garrett Schwartz, a keybordist-programmer. So far the band's released only one CD, Beneath The Surface. The songs sound like some of Conjure One's more synthpop tracks, with strings, electronic beats, and female vocalists (and lyrics that can get maudlin at times). The soundscapes vary from overproduced and predictable at their worst, to smooth and beautifully ethereal.


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From what I can tell, there are two pillars holding up the economy of Ibiza, tourism and chillout CDs. I'm not quite sure why this works as well as it does, because after a while all chillout music starts to sound the same, the tracks blending into each other to create an almost indistinguishable soundscape, but then again, I am posting about an Ibiza chillout CD, which makes saying that a tad disingenious.

The artists featured here, Royksopp and Groove Armada, to name a couple, are the usual suspects (though there is the Radiohead WTF factor here too), and the tracks are good as background music, or something to drift off to, because the rhythms are constant, the melodies for the most part soothing and repetitive and unobtrusive.

Zero Gravity - Moondial (Lunar Module Mix)
What I thought was the catchiest track on the CD, and probably my favorite.

Spacial - Aisha's Dream
Pretty and soothing, representative of many of the other tracks on this CD.

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Amethystium is the product of Norwegian producer Oystein Ramjford. Its songs have mellow, ambient backtracks that wouldn't sound out of place in an Air album, and vocals that vary from ethereal to gregorian to tribal. Where the band really shines, in my opinion, is in how smoothly all these things are blended in, how natural the progressions of the songs is, the layers and depth in each of the tracks.

These two tracks are from Odonata, their first album.

Starts out on an atmospheric, mysterious note, and gradually other ambient tracks are mixed in, and after that sanskrit chant vocals, producing a fantastic blend.

In my opinion, the title describes this song perfectly. One of the more mellow, trance-groove tracks on the album.



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