Apr. 25th, 2008

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Finally, a kdrama I feel like pimping! A thorough review of Time of Dog & Wolf can be found in this soompi thread, but here's the basic non-spoilery storyline: When he's young, Suhyeon's mother is killed in front of his eyes by Cheongbang, a Thai criminal syndicate. Suhyeon gets adopted into an NIS agent's family (from what I can gather from watching this series NIS is Korea's FBI/CIA equivalent) and grows up to be an NIS agent, and in a quest for revenge infiltrates the Cheongbang.

I didn't expect to enjoy this drama this much. The first episode I thought was slow, and later on there was a love triangle between Suhyeon and his adopted brother and Suhyeon's childhood friend (who turns out to be the daughter of the leader of Cheongbang, the guy who killed Suhyeon's mother, instant contrived angst right there) that I found boring (though, to be honest, that's true of 98% of the romance stories I come across). But, ohman, Suhyeon was just so awesomely dysfunctional and messed up, and a third of the way through there's a plot twist that should fall flat on its face but that ends up working beautifully. I'm on ep13 right now and I can't wait to see what happens next. The tension! The intrigue! The spies and double-spies and double-crossings!

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Also, it doesn't hurt that Suhyeon is played by Lee Junki, the pretty boy in the King and the Clown, who imo looks even better in this series.

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I almost feel like making an "isn't lee junki awesome *_*" tag for this journal now.



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