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One of the things that makes Bollywood movies great, for me, is that they almost always have several music-and-dance numbers in them. I was making a list of some of my favorites for a friend, and figured that some of you might be interested too. So here they are, with a few explanations of the setting/movie. These aren't all my favorites - a lot of them I couldn't find on youtube - but I was too lazy to upload myself, so they'll have to do.

Ke Ghar Kab Aaoge

This is from Border, a really old movie, one of my favorites when I was younger. So these soldiers are at the border right at the beginning of a war, but haven't received orders to do anything yet, so to pass the time they perform a musical number! Despite my description, this was an extremely serious movie, with most of the people in this video dead by the end (including my favorite, the guy that climbed up the tank and high-fived the sardarji. the actor went on to star in many more movies and get progressively balder and bulkier, and I found that even more tragic than his premature death here). But yes. We Indians are geniuses and know that even the most serious of situations should not stop manly men from singing and dancing together.

Ae Ajnabi

From another old movie - Dil Se, released in 1998, and one of AR Rahman's musical masterpieces. Guy saw girl at train station and fell in love with her at first sight; the girl left before he could find out anything about her. The guy was a disc jockey, so he started playing these songs and leaving these messages trying to find her. What he doesn't know (dum dum DUM) is that the girl is with a terrorist organization and is planning on blowing up - something. I forget what, except it is big. Anyway, the movie's all very dark and tragic, and this song's awesome.

Kehna Hi Kya

The same girl as before, except in something more lighthearted (instead of a movie dealing with terrorism, we have one dealing with muslim/hindu riots!) A wedding number, without which Bollywood movies just can't be considered complete. I like the song, and the way the shots are framed; wish the guy was cuter, but ahwell.

Nagada Nagada

From Jab We Met, a relatively recent movie that decided to shake things up a bit by having an engagement number instead of a wedding one. And, okay, the lip syncing in the beginning is really lame, but everything else is so fun.

Barso Re

From Guru, starring Aishwarya Rai who I don't generally like, but I have to admit she did an excellent job in this movie. A girl singing in the rain song, which is another hugely ubiquitous genre in bollywood movies.

Aankhon se Khwaab Rooth Kar

Can't say anything about the movie, since by the time it came out I'd already reached my Bollywood movie cliche quota (working on the kdrama cliche quota now). Loved this song though, so I went to check out the video on youtube, which was as depressing as expected, but artistically so.

Saving the best for last. These songs are from Omkara, a movie that I adore and would recommend to anyone. I don't particularly care for the leads because I don't find either attractive, but they can both act, and the story is well-paced and the dialogue amazing and each individual shot seems like an artistic masterpiece. Also, the songs are just awesome.


Not a music video as much as a scene from the movie with the music playing in the background. Including this mainly because I love the way the brawl goes, and how at the end Omkara calmly walks up to the guy pointing the gun at him and gently takes it away, saying "you put bets on horses, not tigers". Would utterly adore this character if he was at all cute (and not about to turn utterly crazy).


What's happening during this song: a girl nurses Omkara and falls in love with him. She's engaged to be married to someone else, though, so she drops her ring into Omkara's drink and sends him a note, saying that if he doesn't marry her she'll commit suicide. (And she's the most sane person in this movie.)


A short song, less than two minutes. Including it because I liked the way it was shot.


An item number, which is basically a song where a girl (who usually doesn't appear again in the movie) dresses & dances provocatively. The girl in question is one of my favorite dancers, Bipasha Basu, and she's amazing in both this and Beedi.

O Saathi Re

The heroine is pissed (I can't remember why. Perhaps Omkara left the toilet seat up) and Omkara, being the brave and fearless fighter that he is, runs from her like a scared chicken. And then they have sex.


This film has two item numbers, going off the philosophy, one assumes, that you can never have too much of a good thing. (Like I said before, we Indians are geniuses.) This song's probably my favorite of the lot - everyone's drunk and dancing against each other and Bipasha and the male lead dancer are the sexiest things ever. It is the most gloriously raunchy thing. If you watch one video from this post, watch this!
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